World of Wonders
Be the mayor of a city province competing against others to make your province superior through social guile, impressive intellect, political posturing, and military might. Build civilizations’ greatest wonders! And discover the worlds’ natural wonders too!
About Us
King Frog Entertainment is working to become one of America's leading table top and digital game companies. Headquartered in North Carolina, our team is focused on delivering high quality games that people around the world want to play. Value shall always surpass price and provide endless entertainment and replay appeal.
Founding Team
King Frog Entertainment is run by a team of highly experienced Game Industry professionals with over a 100 collective years experience with every facet of gaming.
Jaimi Ilkenhons
Jaimi has a degree in business administration and organization and has over 30 years experience in business and financial operations. She holds the purse strings.
Scott Ilkenhons
Scott has a masters in software engineering and over 30 years of gaming and 10 years of game design. He is responsible for project design and management to ensure the product is everything and more.
John Warner
John is the web wizard and technology guru. He is constantly badgered and lashed mercilessly to get the job done no matter the cost to his soul.
Phil Salazar
Phil is our social butterfly and responsible for letting everyone know what we are doing, and letting us know what you want.
Sanjeev Dimri
Sanjeev is the coding guru, he works the digital hoodoo, and sees the world in a Matrix stream. He brings the talent for development architecture, and a masters in software engineering and business administration.
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